Goldie is a freelance professional photographer currently based in Paris.

Within the last year his travels have taken him from Canada to Albania, then on to Greece, and finally to France where he now resides.
But it all began on the west coast of Canada, in Vancouver. While in high school and enrolled in an academic international baccalaureate program Goldie was seduced away by photography and art. He relentlessly pursued his passion for photography and paid his dues studying, working and assisting. He has an extensive background in traditional (film based) photography but is also an early adopter of new technology and jumped into the digital workflow early on. Goldie is inspired by fashion, beauty, design, style and human emotions. In his spare time Goldie pursues his new found interest in web design/development and the synergy of photography and the web.


Please send a message with any enquiries.
Martin Goldie PARIS, FRANCE 75018 • SIREN 529 877 615 • +33 9 70 44 04 54